Django-tribune is a chat-like application with some aspects of IRC but with a strong usage of message clocks.

Message clocks are always displayed and used in messages to reference answers or relation with other messages.

A sample part of Tribune messages will look like this in a plain-text version :

16:15:27     <superman>            First
16:16:13     Anonymous coward      16:15:27 oh no you don't !
16:15:27     <superman>            16:16:13 liar !
18:39:01     Mozilla/5.0           Hello world !
18:39:05     <superman>            18:39:01 hello
18:43:22     Anonymous coward      18:39:01 yo

The application has a rich interface but is also accessible from third client application (via a XML backend) and even in plain text.


  • Easy embedding in your Django webapp;
  • Various backends Formats;
  • Action commands;
  • Message filtering system usually called a BaK;
  • A rich interface (currently in development);
  • Full localization for french and english language;
  • Discovery XML configuration file for third client applications (aka remote client or coincoins);
  • Channel support;
  • South support;

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